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Cool Apps at the Winter Hackathon

London: 31 January 2012 The Winter Hackathon, held over the weekend, produced a host of cool apps to help visitors to the games in London next summer discover and enjoy the varied cultural delights of the city.

The event, organised by Milamber Investments and hosted by Central Working in Bloomsbury, London, was sponsored by a host of British and overseas tech companies.

Over sixty developers grouped into 16 teams created apps to help people to engage with the games, find events, plan their travel and leisure excursions, discover great eateries and the less-trodden places of interest in the city, and savour the cosmopolitan, multicultural potpourri that is London. There’s even an app to help the sports-phobic to avoid the games altogether!

Ten prizes were awarded – one for each of the six category winners and five special prizes, including the top two awards for Most Innovative App and Best Commercial App.

The Most Innovative App, “Sweeplympics”, was built by one-man team Hoi Lam. Based on the API of Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Guide to London, it creates a sweepstake for Olympic events so that spectators and the general public can make each event a participatory experience.

The Best Commercial APP, won by Oliver Caine, Mark Goddard and Simon Scott, with “Compete”, provides spectators and television and Web audiences with real-time interaction with events on the fields of play.

Two teams “did the double”: Team Awesome, with Gareth Drew, John Hamelink and Ben Speakman, won the Travel Planner category and was one of two apps selected to undergo testing and assessment by the Serious Games Institute in Coventry; and Team OneVoice, with Elliot Long, Kieran Gutteridge and Andrew Vizor, won the RIM Blackberry Prize for the Best HTML App and The Judges’ Special Prize.

Nate MacLeitch, Chairman of Quickblox, one of the four judges and a sponsor of the event, said:

“The Winter Hackathon was a fun event with teams using APIs and tools to build some truly cool apps. Judging on the talent and innovative ideas of the participants I’m sure a few of these ideas will become apps used at the summer games. Quickblox was proud to support the event and help the teams manifest their ideas.”

Peter O’Shaughnessy, Developer, Future Technologies, Pearson, said:

“It was brilliant to be part of a such a vibrant and creative event. We were very pleased to see so many teams use the Pearson APIs to build great apps.”

Sanyu Kiruluta, EMEA Team Lead, Developer Relations, RIM Blackberry, one of the main sponsors of the event said:

“With so much dev talent in London and so many cool app ideas at the Winter Hackathon event, I’m starting to get really excited about this year’s olympic games.”

Chris Book of BlueVia at Telefonica, one of the sponsors, said:

“The BlueVia team really enjoyed the Winter Hackathon, it was great having the opportunity to hang out with some really great developers, some with lots of experience of mobile development and some attempting their first app. What brilliant and original ideas for olympic apps came out of the weekend!”

Judge Kevin Jauncey, Chairman of 2SMS said:

“The event was very well attended and the quality of the apps produced was excellent. There was a real buzz around Centralworking, and the presence of a number of key sponsors helped make it a very successful two days.”

The next event will be the Spring Hackathon at the end of April 2012.

Category Winners

Event Finder


“FoodCalendar”, Team Derailed (Matthew Slight, David Bate, Fraser Deans)

Off the Wall

“LostIt”, Team LostIt (Alejandro Saucedo)

View LostIt demo

Travel Planner

Team Awesome app

Team Awesome (Gareth Drew, John Hamelink, Ben Speakman)

Walks and Tours

CityView app

“CityView”, Team CityView (Matt Glover)

Museums & Attractions

“Spotlist”, Team 50 Pixels (Pietro Saccomani, Alvise Susmel)

London for Free

“Free London”, Team Yeti (Jason Grant, Daniel Knell)

View Free London demo

Special Prizes

The RIM Blackberry Prize for the Best HTML 5 App

“OneVoice”, Team OneVoice (Kieran Gutteridge, Elliot Long, Andrew Vizor)

View OneVoice presentation

Pearson Prize for the Best use of their API Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness Travel Guide

Grant Kemp, Pocket Buddy

“Pocket Buddy”, Grant Kemp

The Most Innovative App

Hoi Lam, Sweeplympics

“Sweeplympics”, Hoi Lam

The Best Commercial App

Team Teepee

“Compete”, Team Teepee (Mark Goddard, Simon Scott, Oliver Caine)

View Compete presentation

The Judges’ Special Prize

“OneVoice”, Team OneVoice (Kieran Gutteridge, Elliot Long, Andrew Vizor)

View OneVoice presentation

The Serious Games Institute’s Picks

Team Vapourware (Diamond Braganza, Mick Coulter, Praveen Enjapuri)

Team Awesome (Ben Speakman, John Hamelink, Gareth Drew).