Winners – Spring Hackathon 2012

Spring Hackathon 2012 activity

London: 1 May 2012 The Spring Hackathon 2012, held on a wet weekend in Bloomsbury, London, and in the shadow of a security lock-down of the surrounding area because of an anti-terrorist operation, nevertheless produced a sparkling set of apps.

The purpose of the hackathon, sponsored by RIM Blackberry, was to build bespoke apps for half a dozen Islington SMEs, chosen after intensive interviews with a broad range of small businesses in the borough. Contact with local businesses was facilitated by the Islington Chamber of Commerce.

A wider aim of the exercise is to encourage software developers to recognize the growth potential of SMEs, a sector of the economy where less that 20 percent of business owners use social media or web or mobile applications to operate and manage their companies.

At the Spring Hackathon, developers were challenged to create apps tailor-made for the SMEs from concise profiles of each of the businesses. A judging panel of experienced entrepreneurs and developers decided on the winners.

Michael Armstrong, taking part in his first hackathon, won the top prize of “Best Overall App”, sponsored by Bluevia. He also produced the best app for one of the SMEs, the concierge service “Cushion the Impact”.

The SMEs which attracted the most interests were The Wenlock & Essex (five teams) and “Delights by Cynthia” (four teams).

In these two keenly contested categories, Team G-Love (Matt Glover) created the best app for the Wenlock & Essex, an independent pub in Islington and Team IntoHand (Elliot Long, Kieran Gutteridge) crafted the best app for Delights by Cynthia, a maker and supplier of speciality cakes by order.

Kevin Jauncey, Chair of the judging panel, was impressed with the quality of the apps the developers created in 36 hours of intense coding. He said:

“I was delighted to see the continuing increase in interest in this our third event. There was always a danger with a more focused specification that innovation could be impaired. However, the judges all agreed that many of the outcomes were both commercially sound and innovative.”

Eric Newnham, chairman of Blis Mobile, judging the Hackathon for the first time, said:

“Real pleasure to be involved. Amazing how quick the teams turned strategic and creative thoughts into a real and live product which could immediately have a positive impact on an actual business. Well done.”

Category Winners

Best apps for each of the six SMEs

Cushion the Impact: Team Caffeine (Michael Armstrong)

Cushion the Impact app

Arlington Estate: Team H2K (Graham Mills, Daniel Crawley, Chloe Williams)

Delights by Cynthia: Team IntoHand (Elliot Long, Kieran Gutteridge)

Islington Chiropractic: Team RayAnd (Andrey Kozlov)

Wenlock & Essex: Team G-Love (Matt Glover)

Wenlock & Essex app

Stefan Alexander: Team Regret Non (Hoi Lam)

Special Prizes

Best Overall App

Team Caffeine (Michael Armstrong)

Best hack using a Bluevia

Team IntoHand (Elliot Long, Kieran Gutteridge)

Best Cloudmailin hack

Team of 3 (Hon Lee, Chi Yau, Wiyono Aten)

Best App using InMobi’s API

Team Data Stripes (David King, Artur Kisiolek)

Best app using a Quikblox Super Sample

Team Caffeine (Michael Armstrong)

Best App using a single Quikblox module

Team RayAnd (Andrey Kozlov)