Winners – Autumn Hackathon 2013

EdTEch Hackathon 2013 participants

During a weekend packed with hackathons, the EdTech Hackathon held its own and produced some sparkling results.

The Tate Gallery gave us pre-release access to the brand new digitised repositories of all their 68,000 pieces of artwork and were rewarded with a couple of cool apps, including one by veteran developer Matt Glover which places visitors digitally in the frame of the exhibits.

Ryan Flynn and Darrenlloyd Gent, coders from the School of Mathematical Science at the University of Greenwich, and UCL student Albert Cabré, produced a treasure hunt based on extracting and visualising data from the Maritime Museum. This team won the best use of databases and Best Visualisation prizes.

See the full list of winners on the right. We’re encouraging the teams to put their codes on GitHub. Come back here for progress on this.

Big thanks to all who took part, especially the the coders and the judges.

For generously providing us with datasets to work with, grateful thanks to:

  • John Stack, Head of Digital Transformation and Rich Barrett-Small, ‎Lead Developer and Web Architect at the Tate
  • Dr. Christopher Hilton, Senior Archivist and Louise Simon, Library Systems Officer, Digital Services, Wellcome Library at the Wellcome Trust
  • Mahendra Mahey, BL Labs Project Manager, The British Library



Stone Computers


Serious Games Institute



Category Winners

Best Web App

Analytical Research (Andrea Weir)

Uses JSON data from the Tate Gallery to analyse and create data visualisation of the work of artists in the Collection.

Analytical Research

Best Mobile App

Pupil Pledge (Tom Edwards, Aeneas Wiener, Fabian Renn, Edward Harpham, Florian Rathgeber)

A Kickstarter-style platform enabling people to pledge their time to help kids with their homework and school assignments. Students are able to post questions and have them answered by users. Tutors can use the platform to quickly find a pupil who could benefit from their skills/knowledge. The website allows you to monitor the progress of your student with advanced visualization tools.

Pupil Pledge

Best Design

In the Tate Gallery (Matt Glover)

Interactive visualisation of the Tate Gallery collections with a sprinkling of fun. Actively engaging users by mixing artwork and visitor information. Captures the imagination of children and adults alike as they discover and digitally place themselves “In The Tate Gallery”.

In The Tate

Best Visualisation, and Best Use of Databases

Yaargh! (Albert Cabré, Ryan Flynn, Darrenlloyd Gent)

“Yaargh! A pirate adventure” is a game where the player has to discover and retrieve treasure chests from a treasure island. All the items in the chests are in the Maritime Museum, so the children learn about the museum’s collections as they play the game.


Best Use of Geographic Data

Brainshare (Pawel Borkowski, Wojciech Turowicz)

Brainshare is a platform that helps trainees to connect with tutors in their local area and enables them to crowdfund the courses.